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Has anyone bought one for their toddler who's no longer in their crib?  DS has ALWAYS been a great sleeper, but now that he's in a toddler bed he has started waking up around 5am.  He previously never woke up earlier than 7:30, unless we were literally dragging him out of bed (which I realize is not the norm).  Just curious if anyone has bought a stay in bed clock and if their child understood and stayed in bed?
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Re: Stay in Bed Clocks

  • We bought this for DD about a month or so ago:

    She's still in a crib, but would cry to get up around 6 AM. We bought the clock and it only took a day or two for her to figure it out. My daughter LOVES rules so it works very well for her. She knows when it's green she can get up. This morning, I was getting ready for work. I hadn't heard from her at all (on the monitor), then 7:00 hit and heard her yell, very excitedly "it's green mommy!! time to get up!!"

    So she gets the concept. I think it would still work if she was in a toddler bed, at least I hope it will!

    One bad thing about that clock though is that it doesn't take into account naps. DD is still a little confused why she has to go to bed at nap time, when her clock isn't orange and doesn't know she can get up when nap is over, because the clock isn't green.

    Other than that, it's great!
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  • My son was the same way so we bought the time to wake clock that teaches time as they grow. It is yellow for rest time and turns green when it is "time to wake." you can change it very easily if you'd like to make it green at the end of nap..just pushing a few child locked buttons on the back. It's so great that I bought one for my almost three yr old girls. Highly recommended by a mom and dad who were tired of the 5:30am mornings!! Good luck. Oh and it was delivered fairly quickly so we were sleeping better sooner since my son understood it the first time we used it.
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  • Someone in our neighborhood was selling the Kid'Sleep clock on Craigslist, so we ended up picking that one up last night.  It has a picture disk with two characters on it - a sleeping bunny and a bunny that's going to school.  We explained to him that when the bunny is sleeping he should be too.  He still woke up at 5 today, but I was able to explain to him that he needs to go back to bed because his bunny is still in bed.  He did end up going back to bed, but I left for work a few minutes later, so I'm not sure if he stayed there or not.  Thanks for your input!
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  • What has worked for all five of my children is to get them a regular digital clock. If you want your child to stay in bed until seven, write a seven on a small piece of paper, like a Post-It, and tape it over the minute side of the clock. Explain to the child that they cant come out of bed until the two numbers match. Hope this helps!
  • The clock will not magically get them to stay in bed.  You have to teach them and give it time for them to learn it and respect it.  But it works for us.  (We have a MyTotClock.)
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  • I highly recommend this Owl one we got a couple months ago when we were having the same problem.  The owl glows green when it's ok for them to get up.  When they wake up, they can push the owl's belly and he will either glow yellow and say "Shhhh, go back to sleep now", or, if it's within 15 minutes of wake up time, he'll say "Just a little bit longer" and will play a soft lullaby.  If it's time to wake up, he'll glow green and say "it's ok to wake now!" and play a fun little tune. The lullabies, which they can listen to falling asleep at bedtime too, are really nice.

    It has a nap setting that you can use for naps, and you don't have to set it everyday, just flip the switch into nap mode, but we don't use it for naps right now because they're not a problem.

    It's worked great for my son.  A few times a week he still wanders into our room early, and I just tell him to go back to bed until Mr. Owl is green and he does.
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