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Anyone have issues with air filled tires on stroller?

I just can't decide. I will be walking my kids to school every day with a newborn and two year old. We will walk on the bike path and during the slushy snowy winter too. So I thought all terrain was best. Nervous though about flats and maintenance of air filled. Thoughts?
Right now I'm looking at the city mini, city mini gt and bumble ride twin indie.
I want one stroller so want to be able to take it to the mall etc too.
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Re: Anyone have issues with air filled tires on stroller?

  • If I were you I would go with the gt or the bumble ride. There are really small pumps you could get to keep in the stroller for piece of mind.
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    Air tires are easy.  I check and pump my tires maybe 4 times a year.   I bought a little bike pump and I keep it in the basket.  Very very easy and you just can't beat the push of air tires, especially for the kind of terrain you are talking about.  
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  • I have the Phil and Teds double with air filled tires and have never had issues . I live in a town where only 10% of the streets have sidewalks and many streets aren't even fully paved so I needed something that could handle any terrain . We have a small little pump we keep with the stroller if needed .
  • I have the regular city mini. If I had it to do over again, think would have gone with the GT or 4 wheel version. Do LOVE my sun shade though! Only not so great for early am or late afternoon walks when sun is at a low angle. Was fantastiv today at the park though (lunch time ish)
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  • I have the Indie Twin. I keep a pump in the can in case. We ran over a trading pin in Disneyland. It sucked. We picked up some "slime" and it saved me the $100 for a new tire. Months later and still going strong! I am a huge fan of the air tires. Once you use them, you wont want to go back!
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