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Car Seat/Stroller for small car

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me out. Has anyone had a small car and used a Britax BSafe car seat?

I have a Volvo S40, and the Britax seems to fit, but not quite as well as the Chicco Key fit 30 (but they are reatively similiar in fit). The hard part is that I like the Chicco seat better, but the idea of being able to get the BSafe/BAgile stroller combo is really nice. It would also be great to get the BReady stroller with a second child.

If you went with the Chicco is there a good stroller to go with? How are the City Select and City Mini? I am totally torn here.


Re: Car Seat/Stroller for small car

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    The Chicco has a more lightweight stroller car seat combo.  It is called the Lightway Plus.

    Or you can get the City Mini or Select with the adaptor.
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  • The Valco Snap and Snap 4 have adaptors for Chicco as well. You could also do the Keyfit Caddy to start and get your stroller after the baby comes and you have a better idea of what you need.
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    The Chicco has a more lightweight stroller car seat combo.  It is called the Lightway Plus.

    Or you can get the City Mini or Select with the adaptor.
    I was originally looking at the Liteway Plus, but I thought the original Liteway steered better. We found an awesome deal on both the City Mini and the Carseat adapter, so we went with that. I've been pleased, but I could have done without the adapter-I prefer to just put him in the stroller as I don't like for him to stay on the Carseat unnecessarily. All in all, though, we're very pleased with the Keyfit and the City Mini. If we hadn't found such an awesome deal, though, we probably would've gotten the regular Liteway and not dealt with the infant seat in the stroller.
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  • I love the city mini. If you are planning on another baby while your first is in a stroller (like 3 yrs old) then I would go with the city select. I'm not a fan of travel systems and think its important to have a good stroller even if you pay a little extra. I ended up buying a city mini after my travel system annoyed the living crap out of me because it was so bulk and heavy and didn't work well at all. When you get them separately you can really get what you want in a car seat and stroller.

  • We have the Keyfit 30 and love it. It fits well in our nissan Altima. We use the Chicco carseat caddy with it. That thing is totally awesome, I can't recommend it enough. DD is 8 months old and we haven't purchased a stroller yet (I baby wear 90% of the time) so we'll probably skip the expensive stroller and go straight to a small umbrella stroller
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