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Potty Training

Potty training help please :)


I have been working on potty training my almost 3 year old son. We started the cold turkey/straight to underwear route about 4 weeks ago. He did so great at the beginning, was going by himself for both pee/poo by the end of week 1. Over the last week or so, he won't go #2 in the potty any longer. He isn't constipated because he'll go as soon as we put a pull up on him for nap time- so he goes daily. I've been adding more fiber and fluids to his diet to try to help soften the stool, which I don't think is really the issue either (since I see the consistancy in his pull up- I know, gross!).

Now he runs around the house in a frantic state saying he has to go, but won't sit on the potty (little or big potty). He says 'no- it hurts' and starts crying. I try to distract him, read stories, watch his favorite shoes, even set up the potty next to the couch so he can play with his little cars and he'll sit there for about 2 min before crying again. It's like he is scared of the potty, but we try talking to him about it- and he'll go pee no problem. I don't know what to do any longer- anyone have advice?

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