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They got our number don't they

Anyone else feel like baby product companies have your number? I mean seriously, I've spent so much money TRYING things it's ridiculous! How many different pacifiers did you try? Bottle nipples? wipes? Diapers? In desperation for sleep I have looked online for noise machines, mobiles, crib elevators, and books on sleep training ( I didn't spend money on all these things but I know people that have). I know it's because our babies can't tell us what they want and what they like but darn-it, sometimes I feel like a pawn in the baby product game! Anyone else?
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Re: They got our number don't they

  • Taking that a step further...Did you know that everything you search for and any hyperlink you click on the internet is tracked. When you go to a stores website, they log all the things you showed interest in. If you have facebook and post anything about babies, due date, any trigger words...did you notice the adds on your facebook will change to baby related things? It's like big brother!

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  • I still can't figure out how my husband got signed up for a bunch of formula samples. We don't even FF but checks and samples keep coming in his name. Mine too but I blame that on motherhood maternity.

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