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MoMs- when did you wash everything?

When did you wash all your newborn clothes? I have (hopefully) 9 weeks left in my twin pregnancy. Is it too early to wash my girls' newborn clothes? I have had a pretty good pregnancy so far, so I'm hoping I can make it to 38 weeks, but I keep worrying that I'll go in for a dr appt and be told that we need to go to te hospital to deliver and I won't be ready!
I realize if we had to deliver in the next few weeks, our girls would be preemie clothes anyway, so is it a good idea to wash their newborn stuff now..... Like clothes, blanket, etc? Or should I wait??

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  • Do it now.  There's no reason to wait, and you never know what could happen.  I had about half of it done around 28 weeks.  I was put on hospital bedrest at 30 weeks.  DH and my MIL had to wash the rest while I was in the hospital.  Then I had no idea where everything was when I got home because MIL put it all where she thought it should go.  :/
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  • I agree with Now.  I was totally convinced I was going to make it to 37 - 38 weeks based on my perfect, complication free pregnancy and instead was totally caught off guard and delivered at 34.  I had all of their clothes washed and ready by 34 weeks but there were lots of other things that were not ready (like my hospital bag).
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  • I'd wash now. I washed all of ours, even the bigger sizes and hand-me-downs, around 27 weeks and I'm glad I did. It was a lot of work to sort through everything and to organize. I'm now 37 weeks and couldn't imagine doing it now. My OB said to have everything ready by 26 weeks because you just never know.
  • I took ALL my hand me downs and shower gifts to the laundrymat this weekend (two days shy of 33 weeks) and it was hell. I was hot, I had trouble bending to get the things out of lower driers...
    I thought it'd be better than home washing because I literally had 12+ loads of clothes, sheets, towels etc. 

    If my Mom hadn't come with, my DH would have been called. 

    I even washed my big clothes and put them in "Space Bags" for storage. Washing clothes early won't jinx you! 

    Even if they are in premie clothes (which only go up to 6.5ish lbs depending on build), why put off washing the nb stuff? will you really want to be washing clothes with brand new babies? I know I won't
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  • I washed everything starting around 29 weeks, after my baby shower. I washed in stages because we were given clothes at different points, but I started after my shower. No harm in washing now. I don't think I know of any twins who skipped the newborn size because they were too big!
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  • Thanks ladies! I like the smell of freshly washed clothes, so I guess I was worried they'd smell less fresh (i know- I'm lame!). Anyway, I began my washin last night. Definitely more loads than I thought, so I'm glad I'm getting started now!!
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