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Kaylen's birth story!

February 25 my brother in law Nathan came to meet Bear, our dog, because he was going to be watching him when I went into labor. Nathan left around 10 and I was in bed around 11. At 12:30 I woke up to what I was pretty sure was my water breaking. I ran to the bathroom and yelled to Aaron that I thought my water broke. He said, you think it broke? Or it broke? I stood up and more water gushed and I said it broke! So then we proceeded to freak out a bit trying to figure out what to do. We got all our stuff together and Aaron tried to get ahold of Nathan. Apparently he does not wake up easily :) Finally we decided we would meet him at the Walmart at Tuttle Crossing. Partially because it was half way and partially because we wanted to buy "Pitch Perfect" to watch in the hospital.

We got to the Marysville hospital around 2:30 am. We had to walk from the emergency entrance to the maternity ward. We entered the locked area and then didn't turn so we exited the secure area nd had to be let back in. They checked me for whether my water really broke and to see how far along I was. Well my water had broken but I was only 1 cm dilated. By this point it was around 3:45. They had me walk for an hour then got me settled in a room. Well I was still only 1 cm dilated :( They gave me citotec (I think) and said to try to get some sleep and they'd check me in 4 hours.. I was to wound up to sleep. Aaron slept a little bit. At this point my contractions were still very mild. About 7 Dr. Neimi came in go talk to me and let me know that he was the Dr. on call that day. He told me that if the citotec didn't work we would have to use pitocin to get things moving. Mom stopped by and brought Aaron coffee. Around 9 Dr. Neimi came back and checked me again. I was still only 1.5 cm dilated so they started me on pitocin. We had some trouble keeping the contraction and heart rate monitors on me sothey couldn't tell if my contractions were very bad. Well they started getting very bad. They checked me and said I was 4 cm dilated so they started me on the fluids that I had to have before getting the epidural. About 45 minutes later Ted the anesthesealogist came to give me the epidural. It was heavenly! He told me I'd have to buy him a steak dinner. I wold have bought him almost anything right about then:) After the epidural kicked in they attempted to put in the internal heart rate monitor. It took two nurses to get it in because they kept hitting Kaylen's ear. Once they got it in they realized that my contractions were very strong.

Mom stopped by around 2 to bring Aaron lunch. While she was there the nurse started acting really strange and checking the monitor tapes and generally acting strange. I asked what was wrong and she said something about decelerations. I was not sure what she meant and she would not answer me. Mom left because she thought things were strange and we may need privacy. A few minutes later Dr. Neimi came back and told me that Kaylen's heart rate kept decelerating so they were going to turn off the pitocin and put me on extra fluids and oxygen to see if it helped. If not we would have to talk about a c-section. Aaron and I didn't care either way we just wanted Kaylen out safe. About an hour later they said her heart rate was looking better.

At about this time the epidural seemed to be wearing off. My legs were numb but my torso was not so I could feel the contractions. The nurses shifts changed and the new nurse Marilyn I think said she would be there for Kaylen's birth. We really liked this nurse a lot. Dr Neimi came back and said I was at 5 cm but I was not progressing as well at this point so they started the pitocin back up. About 45 minutes later they checked again and said I was 9 cm and it was almost time! We were so excited to meet ms Kaylen! They topped off my epidural because I was feeling of much. The lady that came in to add more to the epidural was wonderful and very encouraging and stayed for some of the pushing. The nurse had me practice pushing a few times to see if it would push the rest of the cervix back which it did! They got the Dr. in and it was time to push. I don't remember that much about the pushing other than while the rest of the time when I would have contractions they told me to breath then they told me not to breath during contractions :) they kept telling me they could see her hair! I thought hair? She has hair?! They brought a mirror over so I could see which was a bit disturbing! After 15-20 minutes of pushing, Kaylen's heart rate started decelerating again and by that point it was to late to do a c-section. So they said they were going to use the foreceps. That they would put the forceps on and have me push and when her head was halfway out they would take the forceps off and I would push her the rest of the way out. So that's what we did! Out came my baby girl! They placed her in my chest where she proceeded to poop all over me!! She was beautiful and alert! Aaron cut the cord and after a few minutes later they weighed her and measured her. She was 6 lbs 10 oz 20 inches long. Which later we found out she was actually more like 19 and a half inches! Born February 26,2013!

I have a Daughter born 2/26/2013. She is pretty much amazing!

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