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IUI and hCG

Hi ladies! I had my first IUI July 9th. My first hCG test was July 24th at 10 am. My hCG was 63. Positive! Yay! My progesterone level was 10. My doctor wants it to be >20. I started progesterone suppositories twice a day.

Then I had another hCG level drawn July 26th at 7:30 am-not quite 48 hours later. My level was only 115- it didn't double. My progesterone was also only 12.5. They added a progesterone pill to my regimen. My doctors office told me that when the hCG doesn't double after two days, they question whether it is a viable pregnancy. I feel devestated and confused. I keep telling myself..."it wasn't quite 48 hours..."

I go for another hCG on July 29th at 7 am-72 hrs later. I am so scared. Anyone have a similar situation? What was the outcome?

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    You're doubling time is around 54 hours. Anything between 48-72 is normal. I had low, slow betas and am now 36 weeks pregnant so it definitely happens. Hope everything turns out ok.

    ETA: My betas are in my siggy and their doubling times are slower than yours.

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    I took an HPT at 14dIUI and it was negative. Same thing the next day. It wasn't until a week later that I decided to take another one thinking I had cysts that I got a +HPT. Mine was just a late implanter! Now I'm due literally any time now. I think there's still room for hope. 
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    Thank you so much for your replies! And congratulations!! This information has helped to put my mind at ease :)
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