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Tell me about Xanax..

I'm posting from my phone so sorry in advance. Apparently at some point, My 10 yo SS's medication that he was taking during the week at night to come down off his Methylin ER was switched and we weren't told.

After a discussion with his BM last week about his continued lack of sleep at our house and we found out that she's been giving him his "night time meds" (what BM calls it) every night except sending them to our house, DH asked her to send them. Previously DH had spoke to his doc about the other med (can't remember the name right now and it's on my computer which is being fixed at the moment) and he had told us it was fine for him to take it weekdays only and that's what BM said she had been doing. We had expressed concern originally about the breaks in medication because it was a blood pressure med of some sort but had read it was sometimes used in conjunction with Methylin. The pedi had said it was ok.

Tonight, she sends his meds (all in one bottle) and I immediately recognize the pill is not the same medication he was on previously. I look it up. It's Xanax. Have no idea how long he's been on this medication yet I'm sure we will find out. But is it concerning that he goes off and on this medication? We have him for a month in summer and weeks at a time around holidays, ect. I can't believe she didn't tell us about this medication change. I have a feeling it was changed about the time his Methylin ER dose was upped to 40mg back around February.

He is prescribed by his pedi. DH just had a discussion with her about getting a second opinion by a psychiatrist (again) because my insurance isn't covering his Methylin because it exceeds their dosing limits and they just were added to my insurance in April and she keeps paying OOP for the pills instead of submitting an exception form signed by the pedi. We suggested a second opinion to "back up" the insurance appeal but it is really so he will be seen by a mental health specialist instead of just a pedi. I haven't seen any of his meds come across my insurance yet even though she claims the "nighttime med" was just filled and should have showed up.

So what do I need to know about Xanax and children? I'll just be here smacking my head at BM's dumb decisions not to inform her child's other parent of medication changes when it could affect SS if he were admitted to the hospital when she's not accessible which is a real possibility with a kid with recurrent kidney stones.

Re: Tell me about Xanax..

  • He take 2- 20mg of Methylin ER each morning (all at once). The Xanax is .5mg. He is a skinny little thing. I just had him weigh and he weighs 55.8 lbs.

    We pulled all medical records about 2 years when he was having more kidney issues. DH has rights to all medical info. The problem with the appointments is BM. He has asked before for her to inform him of all appointments and she does not. Now that they are on my insurance it will be easier to track what appointments they have had. The way our CO is worded, either parent can consent to any medical treatment without the other parent except non-emergency surgery. So she can do whatever she wants, basically. This is the standard order in our state, mine's the same way with DD (which in my case is good since her BD doesn't "believe" ADHD or Autism are "real."

    However, he does have a right to know what is going on and consult with the doctor. We always fall back into this same pattern of trying to get her to get a second opinion and have him fully evaluated and her saying ok then she doesn't follow through with the appointments which occur during her time.

    I completely agree that a psychiatrist needs to be in charge of his medications.


  • Wow, that's crazy. I talked to DH more about it. He is going to request medical records again to review and go from there.

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