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Won't Stop Crying!

I think, after 4 months we might finally have our first tooth coming in..... this has seriously gone on (drooling, crying, rubbing, screaming) since he was 2 months old :( I feel so bad for the little guy.... today he as been screaming like there is no tomorrow, and I don't know what to do! I have given him teething rings, frozen pops, rubbed his gums, and finally after doing all of this I gave him some Tylenol.

Do any of your mamas out there have any other tips or suggestions to help my little man? It stinks that he is in so much pain and I feel like I can't do anything to help him.

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  • No, it's not hunger. He doesn't cry a lot, he is generally happy... we lucked out... when  does actually cry I go through my checklist.... diaper, food, wants to be entertained... lol... but when he wails like I stated above it always goes with him putting his hand in his mouth and biting down. When I spoke with his doctor and nurse they both said it was teething... :(
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  • Like you we licked out with a non crying baby. So when DD started screaming like you have stated, I knew she was teething. But DD doesn't like cold things!! So we can't even freeze teething rings. Luckily she is normally five with her teething toys or mesh feeder. Alot of people like the all natural teething tablets you can get at WalMart. Then there are also the amber necklaces you can order. They are supposed to be great for teething, ear infections and other illnesses. Good luck!!
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