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recliner vs glider

my husband and I are trying to decide between getting a recliner that rocks (while the foot section is down) or a glider.  What are your suggestions?












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Re: recliner vs glider

  • We just picked up our Best Chairs Tryp glider recliner - best of both worlds, super comfortable, and comes in a ton of fabric choices. We got ours from Buy Buy Baby and used a $100 off a furniture purchase of $500 or more.
  • I got a comfy recliner/glider for our first and it didn't have good support for nursing. So figure out what you want to use it for. You need good posture to nurse the first month or so. We ended up buying a different chair for baby #2 because of this. We'll eventually sale them on Craigslist.
  • Recliner. I slept in that chair holding a sick/teething/etc. baby too many times for a glider to do the trick.
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  • We got a recliner that glides, best of both worlds.
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  • I just have a glider with an ottoman - it works fine, but there have been nights when I REALLY wished I could recline so I would agree with others - get one that does both if you can, if not go with the recliner.
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  • We love our Best Chair (Benji), it is a rocking recliner and we use it many times a day even now at 10.5 months. I can not recommend it enough.
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  • We used a recliner with our 1st LO, but I hated it because it wasnt very comfy. We looked at gliders and all the ones a BRU were ugly and didn't seem sturdy, so we ended up getting a nice swivel chair that will look nice in our living room and is über comfy.
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  • Our Little Castle Treasure is a glider, rocker, recliner in one.  It was just delivered yesterday, we couldn't be happier with our purchase!
  • We got a rocking recliner from lazy boy. I have slept in it often enough to be glad I didn't get the glider. And the recliner can be put in another room when we are done with it in the baby's room.
  • We bought a Best Home Furnishings BodyRest rocking recliner (Denton model) before we got married, and put it in the nursery when I was pregnant. It is awesome. It wasn't easy to use in the first month or so when I needed to sit upright to nurse, but afterward it has been a lifesaver. It's huge, and DS and I sit in it every day to nurse and read stories.
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