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More EI drama

So after Monday we rescheduled with the OT from EI for today at 12:30.

She calls me at 12:33 and says "Yeah....I'm not going to be coming today.  I thought I'd have time to make it up there, but I don't".  This was after I arranged for my Mom to take DS1 to school so that we'd be around.  

Do I call the supervisor and request a new provider?  Or just deal with her until this is over?  It's a one time assessment.

Thankfully I was letting DS2 nap until she showed up because he woke up at 6 AM.  I would have been livid had I woken him up from his nap and she never showed.
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Re: More EI drama

  • Is this her 2nd chance? For me it would totally depend on how bitchy I was feeling that day.  If I was in a bad mood I'd ask for a new provider. If I was in an ok or good mood I'd give it one.more.chance and then I'd ask for a new provider.  For the mood I've been in lately, I'd go with the former.  ;-)

    But seriously, calling you AFTER she is supposed to be there is unprofessional.
  • I missed any back story, but this would drive me crazy.  I work in EI and I can't imagine doing this at all.  With that said things sometimes come up with the families earlier in the day in terms of a crisis or something like that, so the schedule can be hard to control.  At the very least have a talk with her or the service coordinator to let them know your perspective.  The OT's answer after that would determine for me if moving on was needed.  If it was just "oops, ran out of time,"  that's not acceptable.  As a pp mentioned you have to be more organized than that as a therapist...
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