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Nap/bed time terror

Recently my DD and I have moved out of our house, which we lived with my BF, and into my moms apartment BC of problems between me and my BF. I know that kind of adjustment is hard for her as well but nap time and even bed time are awful!

For naps she will fall asleep in my arms, while eating her bottle, but as soon as I move she awake and will not go back to sleep unless I hold her. Nightime is even worse! She will cry for a good hour or more before she dozes off (even though you can tell she's fighting the sleep) but once again as soon as you move her she's awake.

She hates her bouncy and here she sleeps in a pack n play. Any ideas on how to help this situation?! Going home would be ideal but not possible right now :(
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Re: Nap/bed time terror

  • So sorry to hear about your situation. Babies around this age are starting to become aware that they are in a different place and crave the comfort of familiarity. That's probably why she just wants to sleep on you. Hopefully she'll adjust quickly! When we went to visit my family for 3 weeks (we're military so live about 15 hours away) she had problems the first few days napping and falling asleep in her pack and play, but she adjusted pretty well after a bit. She still needed some extra cuddle time every once in a while for a few random naps. Good luck!
  • Have you considered co-sleeping? Sharing a bed with you at night time could help her feel more safe and secure. Babies love sleeping with their mamas!
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  • I've thought about it and that's normally where she ends up before the night is over. But im also 17 weeks pregnant and getting to sleep comfortably for me is so hard. I toss all night.
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