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OB recommendations in Lee's Summit area

I am expecting my second child and just found out that my OB has moved to a new location that is pretty far away.  Just wondering if you ladies could help me out?

I currently have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Doan at Associated Women's Care in Lee's Summit, but have read some pretty scary reviews about her and am thinking I want to switch. 

Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Amsterdam or Dr. Halberstadt of Rockhill Women's Group?  Thank you!

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Re: OB recommendations in Lee's Summit area

  • For what it's worth, I've met Dr. Doan a couple of times while I was in the hospital after my kiddos were born.  She's okay, but not the most warm and fuzzy person I've ever met. 

    Both of my babies were delivered by Dr. Cobbinah (in the same practice) and I loved her!  She always made me feel calm about whatever was going on and took good care of us. 

  • Thank you for the reply!  I have heard that from a couple of other ladies (about Dr. Doan). 


    Right now I have an appointment set at Rockhill Women's Center, so I'm hoping that goes well.  I will keep Dr. Cobbinah in mind as a back-up though!

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  • Good luck with your appointment!

  • I go to Rockhill and my obgyn is dr Pearman. I really like her but she isn't the warm fuzzy type. I recently had my baby in June and dr finkle actually did the delivery bc it was overnight. Really liked her too. Also I know someone that uses dr Amsterdam and all good reviews. Most importantly- the office is very nice and easy to work with. Good luck!
  • I would not recommend Dr. Doan...at all.


  • Hey ladies -

    Just wanted to give an update.  I actually ended up going to Dr. Graham with Women's Care Connection at St. Joseph's hospital and LOVE her!  The staff is friendly, and she is warm and takes her time with you.  I am still early in this pregnancy, but as of right now I would recommend her to anyone. 

    Thanks for the adivce!

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  • Dr. Steiner at Associated Women's Care.  I know her personally.  She is always bubbly and warm. 
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  • Dr Finkle with Rockhill Womens care delivered my first child and I would recommend her highly.  
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