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How to help spouse celebrate Birthday/anniversary while deployed?

My husband is overseas and his birthday and our anniversary are coming up next month. He's been gone for them before, but usually in the field with no mail service. If I'm going to send anything, I need to do it soon. Anyone have any cool ideas? Pinterest isn't helping much.
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Re: How to help spouse celebrate Birthday/anniversary while deployed?

  • That is kind of tough. 

    Does he play video games at all? Is there something in particular that he's been wanting? DH really liked it when I decorated boxes for special occasions, sent baked goods. You can always plan some kind of trip (a weekend getaway or a cruise) for after he gets back and send him the information.

    Good luck!

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  • I have ordered DH cakes through Bake Me A Wish. You can order non-iced cakes/treats from them and they mail those to FPO/APO addresses. They put the cakes in refrigerated packaging. DH loves it! They come in a nice box with a personalized message. You can do this for any occasion. 

    I've also done "Birthday in a Box." I'm not very crafty but I try and decorate his birthday packages. I throw in a few small wrapped gifts such as books, dvds, etc. I also bake a lot of goodies such as cookies and cakes/pies/brownies in a jar and put ribbons around them to make them more festive. DH and his shipmates(if he wants to share..)  love getting home baked goods! I never send him anything too valuable since mail could always be lost, so his pricey gifts are just at home waiting for him.  
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  • I haven't had to deal with this, yet. You can do cake in a jar. The jar seals and the cake stays fresh. Send it with a thing of icing, store bought isn't amazing but at least stays good. And top that off with boudoir photos. My DH would be pleased.
  • For my 30th birthday my mom sent a care package to another girl in my squadron -- it had some brownies (they ship better than cake), a bunch of streamers and balloons and other decorations, and some old-school "party favors."   My friend decorated my room while I was on shift, and bought the brownies into work for me where we had a little birthday party and gave out the party favors.  It was a HUGE surprise to me, and totally fun.   I'm not sure how well this would go over with a guy, but my gut tells me that everyone loves birthdays.  You know him and his unit/situation best though :-)
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  • Send a cake or cupcakes. My parents sent that to me for my b-day down range and it was nice because I could share.  If there's some comfort item he could really use then get that as a gift.  Sometimes something as simple as a fan or an extension cord can make a huge difference in quality of life!
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