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Buying a used stroller: how much less would you expect to pay?

I am looking at Craigslist for a used double stroller and I guess am surprised how much people want for used. So the latest is 4 years old... How much less than new would you pay?
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Re: Buying a used stroller: how much less would you expect to pay?

  • I'd expect to pay about 25% of retail.
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  • Depends on the stroller.
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  • I think 25% retail is fair.
    I purchased my bumbleride indie for $200, retails for close to $700 here in Cda.
    I then ordered all replacement fabrics for the entire stroller, including canopy for $100 total, and have a brand new ride for super cheap for my babe.

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    I think 40-50% for a good brand is expected.  That deal the PPer got on the Indie is pretty rare.  
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    Depends on the brand.  If it's a brand/stroller that isn't too popular then it will go for cheap if it's one of the "hot" strollers it will likely go for 50-75% of original cost if it is a few years old and in good condition.  Partly due to the popularity of the stroller and because most of the popular strollers are made to last a long time and can take a beating so they come in mint used condition.

    Also, keep in mind that the stroller new likely came with nothing and the used one may have add ons (infant seat attachment, snack trays, water bottle carrier etc).  Those cost more for originally purchaser to buy so the price used is higher to reflect that.


  • depends on the brand and the condition and what it retails for, and how motivated the seller is. I once bought a peg perego triple for $250, original was $1100. For my britax b agile I paid $100, normally close to $200. My friend just got a double bob for $200, normally $600. 

    I think you need to decide the stroller you want. Think about the price you can afford and then spend some time hunting. I've also found prices on bookoo tend to be cheaper than craigslist, at least in my area.

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