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Infant vs toddler carrier

Hi ladies, I currently wear DD in a baby bjorn miracle. She is very big for her age, 8 months old but already nearing 30" and 20lbs. She's always been around the 85th percentile in both weight and height. I love the bjorn miracle but now that she is so big I think a back carrier would be more comfortable for both of us. And of course the bjorn is turning into a crotch dangler and I want her to have more support. So I was debating if I should get her another infant carrier (ergo, beco soleil or bobs 3G) or go straight to a toddler carrier ( Tula or kinderpack). Has anyone have any experience with the toddler carriers? Do you think I could start using them now or will they be way too big? The manufacturers website don't seem to have a lot of information on how to use the carriers so any feedback you all have would be appreciated. DH isn't too keen on wearing the baby himself so I don't need a carrier that adjust easily for both of us as I will be the only one using it but I do need something that I can put on easily on the back with no help. Thanks for the help and sorry to post the millionth post about baby carriers!

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  • I am a wrapper myself, but my H likes the buckle carries.  Is there a babywearing group nearby?  They usually have lending libraries so you can borrow all different types of carries and sizes. 
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  • I recommend asking this on the attachment parenting board. They helped me ton. I'm getting the beco Gemini since dd likes to face forward and ergo doesn't allow for it.

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  • I have a bobs 3G and love it and carry my 8 month old dd on my front and back. Front is super easy and back isn't bad, it just takes a little practice and then you're good to go:)
  • The buckle carriers that you listed as infant carriers also work for toddlers.  I'm not sure about all of them, but we have had an ergo since DS1 was a baby, and DH carried him in it when we were hiking a couple month ago at 3+ years old.  I've been wrapping now more than I did with DS1, and there are wraps that will work through toddlerhood, but I don't have any experience there yet.  I would ask on the AP board, or go browse  You have to register, but it's free.  

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    Thanks for the tips. While the buckle carriers can go up to 45lbs, they don't provide as much support than a toddler carrier would for bigger babies. I was leaning towards the boba 3G but I tried it in the store and the seat base fits DD perfectly now, so it will probably won't be comfortable for her past 15months or so. Based on the recs from the ladies on the AP board I'm gonna go with the action baby toddler carrier
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