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I found this on another board.  if your siggies has reverted back to March then follow the steps to copy and paste your updtaed siggie back into your profile.

I removed the link, and just copied her text here.

"If your old ticker came back, here is a note from Bump Jackie on how to fix it. (I added notes in brackets.)

Hey guys,
So some data issues --- but you can get your siggy back (we're trying to update them as well) Again, so so sorry.... just a tech issue that doesn't want to go away.

Can you guys pass around this siggy info?

If they want their current siggy, go here: 
(Go here and copy what is in the text box.)

If they just want to edit what is here---
(Then go here. Click on the second-last button in the button bar that looks like this <>. Then paste the code you copied. Save.)
Please share!!"

<> is the 2nd last button on the tool bar.  it toggles the html editing on and off.  



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