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Worcester area ladies...

Hi ladies!  I'm new to this board - I usually lurk on 1st/2nd tri, and I'm happy to see some Central Mass girls here!  I'm trying to decide between UMass and St. Vincent's, and my insurance will cover either.  My OB is at St. Vincent's, and she's very nice, but I've just started with her so I'm not super attached if I decide to go to UMass.  So, I'd love to know where you are delivering, and why you chose that hospital...  Thanks for the help!

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  • Hi Welcome!!!!

    I decided on Umass becuase they have the best neonatle(sp) care in New England.  The hospital is great, after taking my hospital tour.  I also visited St. Vincents, and I definetly feel like I made the right choice. 

    If you do decide on Umass Memorial, I'd recommend Dr. Klein in Shrewsbury as an OB.  He's awesome!


    My Boys <3


  • My sister delivered at the hospital in worcester that has the big atrium. Which one is that?  It was a great hospital and a wonderful experience for her.
  • I'm delivering at Umass Memorial. I had my fist son there and had such a great experience that I decided to deliver my twins there to plus I have the best Dr now.
  • Hi ladies,

    Thanks so much for your feedback!  It sounds like whichever one I choose, I'll be okay.  Good luck to all of you during your pregnancies!

  •  I delivered at Umass Memorial...they do have the best care in new england. It's amazing! We felt so safe and "in the know" at all times. I love my doctor...Dr. Neary.

    Now pregnant with our second - no doubt we'll do the same thing all over again. St.V's wasn't even an option for us (why when Umass has the best in new england!)

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