Anyone else chosen and waiting?

Hey if you've already been chosen I have two questions:

How long have you been waiting?

How far along (or what age) is the baby?


Re: Anyone else chosen and waiting?

  • We aren't in that situation currently, but when we were chosen and waiting, we'd been waiting (officially) for six months.  We got the call mid-September and were told e-mom was due the first week of November, so we thought she was about 7 mo.  There was a lot of mix-ups on her due date (the first week of November HAD to be a clerical error, or the SW reading it wrong, or something), but DD was born the first week of DECEMBER.  So she was about 6 mo. PG when she chose us.

    HTH!  Also, I send you a private message recently, but I've never done it on this board before, so I have no idea if it went through or not!  Embarrassed

    ETA: Whoops!  Just checked my PMs and sent a reply to your reply!  Smile

  • I'm not sure if you meant this only for domestic, but we've had our referral since April 2007 and are still waiting. We are getting closer though. Our son will be 8 in February and our daughter 5 in March.
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  • We were picked in November and the baby is due end of April.  I think we are within a few weeks of each other.  Smile
  • Cool! It is exciting to see how many 2009 mommies we have on this board!  I hope more people join us soonBig Smile
  • we were chosen in the middle of june and baby was born via c section july 29th so we had to wait a month.
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