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We started Abby on reflux meds

So, we had been giving her the thickened formula to try and curb the projectile vomiting and it had been working for a few days, and then all of a sudden it began again.  And it's not a little spit up, it happens like an hour to an hour and a half after she eats and it's like full on vomiting :(  I feel so bd for her, she looks so uncomfortable it breaks my heart.  After talking to the doctor, DH and I decided to start giving her meds for her reflux.  She's been on it since yesterday and she's not projectile spitting up, but she did vomit up a few ounces about 1/2 hour after one of her feedings today.  I hope the meds start working soon.... I guess it may take a few days to work?  Or should they be working right away?  Sigh.  It's just so fustrating trying to find what works for her, and I feel so bad that she's giong through all of this.  So part of me feels guilty for not bfing because I feel  like she wouldn't be having all these problems had I nursed.  Of course, I feel like a bad mom now, which I know isn't true, and I know there are plenty of perfectly healthy FF babies.  It's just that new mommy part of me that says "I could have done so much more."

I really hope these meds start working soon...

Re: We started Abby on reflux meds

  • Don't feel guilty.  Its not you.  The Dr explained it to me that babies have an immature GI system and it takes longer for that to mature.  The flap that is supposed to hold everything down doesn't always work properly at first, it has nothing to do with FF vs BF.  The meds won't stop the spit up but they will take away the acidity so it doesn't hurt.  Alexis was on Prevacid and Soy formula, after many many combos of formula and meds that's what worked for us.  It can take up to 2 weeks for the full effect of the meds to kick in but you should see something in a couple days. 

    It does get better I promise.

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  • oh leanna thanks for that info!  i didn't realize that the meds didn't stop the spit ups.  wonderful... LOL

    we were thinking of switching her back to the milk based formula because when she was on Enfamil, she wasn't gassy at all but was spitting up.  If she's still spitting up as much on the soy formula, I figured we might as well try the milk based and put the painful gas to rest.  At least the meds will stop the acidity regardless of what formula she's on.

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  • It's all trial and error!! Have you tried the Nutramigen or Alimentum? Those are the really sensitive formulas.  We tried them and they didn't work for Alexis but I know all babies are different.  Do you give her Mylicon? 
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  • Honestly, we didn't switch to nutramigen or alimentum because of their crazy costs.  We figured that since she stopped spitting up, we were ok with the esoy formula. 

    The thing is, in the beginning she was having spitting up issues with the enfamil, but was not gassy.  Then, we switched to the powder enfamil and she stopped eating.  We thought it was just the milk based formula.  so we switched her to good start but it was the powder and she was still spitting up and got really gassy and refused to eat at a few eatings.  So we switched to the Similac R.S. but she still spit up like crazy, and became incredibly gassy.  We are now on Similac Isolimil Advanced and it's the same deal.  However if we try to give her powder, she either won't eat or will spit up right after drinking.  We just can't give her the powder.  But looking back, the one formula that didn't give her painful gas was the milk based ones.... so my pedi thinks that maybe she should switch back to either Enfamil lipil or Similac Advanced (just not the powder!)  But we have to wait about a week, so that we can observe her with the prevacid and see if that's working and then make the change.

  • Oh and we give her mylicon after every meal, and we give her probiotics once a day.  She's still gassy, I mean man-sized farts gassy and they make her uncomfortable, but at least she's not in severe pain anymore.  It was scary, she would shriek at the top of her lungs until she passed gas.  I can only give her mylicon or the little tummies one, I tried to give her baby gas-x and it gave her diarrhea!!  it was so weird!  I thought they were all the same, just simethicone, but the only thing different about her feedings when she had diarrhea was that we had given her baby gas-x... so i'm not giving that to her ever again!
  • We could not do powder at all!!!!!  It was awful.  We only give her ready to feed.  The powder was immediate spit up!  Good Start seems to be the best for Alexis, we went through all of them!!

    The nutramigen and alimentum are crazy expensive!! We tried for a couple weeks but it made her worse.  

    Have you gone to a GI? 

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  • No, no GI just yet.  Actually, i just heard that there were pedi GIs.  I figured, if the prevacid and change of formula works, then we can avoid a specialist. Her projectile spitting up is pretty much gone, and her vomiting is less frequent.  Of course, now that I said that, she's going to start spitting up everywhere lol

    You know what else happens EVERY TIME she feeds?  She gets terrible hiccups!  She actually cried last night because they were so intense!

  • Poor thing!!!! Can you give her water?  My pedi said a few sips here and there for hiccups were fine.

    If you need to, I really loved my GI, she's at Baptist so let me know.  Hopefully you won't have to go and Abby will continue to feel better!!!! 

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  • As a new mommy, I know it's really easy to feel guilty. I feel it every day! That being said- you are an AMAZING mom and you are doing such a great job trying everything possible to figure out what's best for Abby. Tons of formula fed babies are healthy babies- I was one of them and never had a problem! ;-) Hang in there girl. When things are rough I remind myself that a year from now I will be looking back and telling someone the story, "A month after Nadia was born she got really sick!" At that point, it won't seem like such a big deal! HUGS to you and Abby! Keep us posted!

  • Thanks guys :)  Mari, I was formula fed, too (so was my sister) My sister was never sick, but I was sick all the time lol  I guess it really doesn't matter if you're FF or BF... kids are going to get sick either way.

    Ugh and last night we had a HUGE blowout!  I put her in her car seat to take her for a drive to my mom's and she just projectiled EVERYWHERE.  I felt so bad for her.  It went out her nose and everything.  I hope these meds start soon.... I know we have to wait a week, and luckily we have an appt already for the 9th (her 2 month check up) so we can figure out if it's working or not by then.

    I think we're definitley going to try either the GentleEase, Nutramigen or Alimentum in a few days. 

  • I've had the projectile in the carseat too and it was a huge pain. Nadia has had serious vomit episodes this past week because of the phlem. One morning last week I had changed her and myself 3 times and the sheets on my bed twice and it was only 8am! I am amazed so much can come out of such a little body.. I'm crossing my fingers hyour medicine kicks in and you find the right formula!
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