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for those that use nipple shields...

How long did you use one and did it affect your BFing without the shield?  I have been using one with DD( one month old) for about 2 weeks now due to an overactive letdown and it has allowed her to nurse longer and with less gas.  I occasionally make sure that she can still latch on without it, which she does, but I just fed her without the shield and she latched on ok but went back to only eating for about 5 mins and acted like she couldn't latch on as good after about 5 mins and got a little fussy,  I'm afraid the nipple shield is going to cause nipple confusion if I keep using it, but she has been eating so much better with it.  If there is anyone out there who uses one, let me know how it went for you and how long you used it.  I have been told that my overactive letdown will eventually calm itself down but I don't think that has happened yet because DD still gulps and is done eating really fast with just my breast.
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Re: for those that use nipple shields...

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    unfortunatly we used the shield for 3.5 months, then on day he self weaned and has latched awesome ever since.  He never latched for more then a minute prior. I would have rather used the shield then no BF'ing at all.  It just sucked having to bring it everywhere.  I ended up buying like 4.
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    We started using the shield in the hospital b/c DS was having trouble latching consistently (though he would do so about 1/2 the time) - he took to the shield quite well.  He is 2 weeks old today and has latched several times yesterday & today w/out the shield on the left side.  Seems to prefer the shield on the right but I will keep working on it.  I think as long as you keep trying her without the shield regularly there shouldn't be too much confusion in the long run.

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    We've been using it since day one. ?I don't like it but like the pp said - it was the only way for me to BF. ?I'm really glad that it has helped us. ?I do NOT like to use it, it's just really?inconvenient - but like I said, it works.

    If you can try to nurse without it, I say - DO IT! ?I try with DS every so often and he gags. ?He won't take a bottle either. ?He only likes the shield. ??

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