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Eye is doing much better, thankfully. Still have to wear my glasses until next week, though.

Turns out my doctor decided to wait one more week before checking for dilation and effacement. I was so disappointed. I had been so excited to finallt get more information about how I was progressing and I had my hopes up for possibly finding out if/when they would induce, which was silly of me to do to begin with.

So, we'll go back Tuesday and she confirmed that she would definitely check at that point to see if I was dilated...so I just need to hold out a few more days. 

Thanks for your thoughts and warm wishes! 

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    I just read your blog.  I am so sorry that you have to wait another week to get any news on your status.  I can't even imagine how that would feel.  I hope all is well and that your eye is getting better.  I am in Ohio right now w/ the baby so I will try to stay caught up.  Keep us posted on the baby status!
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    Hang in there, K!  The belly must be the best place for Josh right now if the doc didn't want him out.  Only a few more days until you get some info and you've got Christmas to clean up and church tomorrow to keep you busy.  Of course, I think Greg should be doing everything :o)


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    K - I hope to hear good news from Tuesdays appointment!!
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