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My baby is sick.

I noticed she was a bit different on Friday... very very sleepy all day long, which isn't like her. She isn't a really sleeepy baby (remember I posted she even slept through Gymboree). Anyhow- my husband said I was being silly, my mom said I was being silly, my dad said I was being silly... They all thought it was just new mommy paranoia...

Fast forward to Saturday morning- Nadia wakes up and has the sniffles. I watched her all morning and then decided to call and make a doctors appointment since it seemed she was a little congested. We went to Pediatric Associates Urgent Care and saw a doctor who confirmed my fear. Nadia was getting sick. He advised cool mist, little noses and suctioning out the boogies.

We spend the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday camped out in my bedroom with the cool mist going... I was putting in the drops and suctioning the boogies just like the doctor said...

Monday- She was a little worse.... I called the doctors office, but my doctor was on vacation! I was worried but thought I had to be patient and had to wait a bit before I started seeing an improvemet... I figured I would make an appt with my doctor on Wednesday when she returned to the office if I she wasn't better. Nadia and I continued to sit in the room with the cool mist...

Tuesday- She was a lot worse. At some moments I thought she couldn't breathe and was going to suffocate. I called and made another appt figuring that even if they told me the same thing I heard on Saturday I needed someone to see her.

As it turns out, Nadia has bronciolitis which is most common in children ages 0-2, mostly seen between 3-6 months... (lucky me, we got it earlier). They started her on breathing treatments right there in the office and I've been giving them to her every 4 hours around the clock since then...

I am relieved that I am actually doing something to help her. The breathing treatments make a big difference. She is still coughing and still has a lot of phlem, but she no longer looks she is struggling to breathe.

This entire experience has been so scary. I haven't slept in days because (even though she's doing lots of sleeping) I feel like I have to watch her every second to make sure she is breathing well...

Please, send some positive healthy thoughts and wishes Nadia's way. I just want my baby to feel better.


Re: Nadia has BRONCIOLITIS...

  • Man sorry Nadia got it so young. Mikey didn't get it until he was around 8 months old and even then it sucked. Glad the breathing treatments are working, those did the trick for Mikey. Seeing your little one sick sucks every single time no matter how young/old they are. Get better soon Nadia!
  • Awwww =( Poor Nadia! That sounds horrible. I would be just like you, watching to make sure she is still breathing. I hope Nadia starts to get better really quickly and make sure you get some rest, Mommy! Sounds like you're doing a great job to get Nadia healthy again!
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  • Poor baby!  How scary!  I'm glad you are able to treat her.  How do they get bronciolitis?
  • imageSnshine:
    Poor baby!  How scary!  I'm glad you are able to treat her.  How do they get bronciolitis?

    It's an infection in the bronchioles. The airways swell and fill with phlem making it difficult to breathe... In an adult it's no big deal, but with babies, their airways are so tiny it can be serious.,.

    Bronciolitis can develop from a cold... which is what seems to have happen to Nadia. It sucks because I have been so careful about keeping her away from crowds and not letting too many people hold her... My biggest fear since her birth was her getting sick.

    The doctor said it's the season and it's in the air...

  • Zoe got it at 6 months from a cold too. Took them a week til they finally let me bring her in and then she was diagnosed and given the breathing machine. She was better a few days after we started it though! I'm sorry you have to go through it too, it sucks to see them so sick and sound so nasty!
  • Oh no!!! That's awful. :( I hope she feels better soon. I am terrified because I have a cold right now and I'm scared that Zachary will get sick too. He sounds kind of sniffly but no fever or anything yet so I'm just waiting it out and hoping he can make it through it. Ugh, what a nightmare!!!
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  • poor baby!  i hope little nadia feels better! 

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  • Poor baby!!! I hope she starts feeling better soon...I hope you were able to enjoy your 1st Christmas as a family of 3!!!
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  • ouch! i hope she is feeling better!!!!
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