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2nd opinion update

Well.........because I didn't want to bother with transferring all my paperwork to the olathe rrc, I decided to just see the other dr. at OP RRC.  He basically helped me open my eyes more & come to the conclusion after 6 years & 3 IUI we just need to move on to IVF

I've been trying to avoid it due to being a good girl & trying to pay off debt!  But in the end we just want a little one & hope that is what 2009 brings no matter the cost.  I'll update you as we begin the process!  Beth, I'm going to have a million + questions for you! Big Smile

Re: 2nd opinion update

  • I wish you the best of luck and hope 2009 will bring great things for you!!! 
  • Hopefully this will work for you and bring you a new bundle of joy. Keep us updated!
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  • I'm totally open to ANY questions! Fire away! I've been through it twice, so I feel like I know quite a bit.

    Good luck with everything! It will be totally worth every penny. (But doesn't it totally suck that this kind of stuff isn't covered by insurance?!)

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