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Best wishes to Kandis!!!

Kandis may be having little Josh early.  Keep your fingers crossed for her that everything goes smoothly!!!
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Re: Best wishes to Kandis!!!

  • Thanks Kate...actually I really could use some knottie vibes and dust right now...sorry, it's a really long story....

    Yesterday morning I had this really bad pain in my eye...a scatching, burning irritation that caused my eye to tear A LOT. I took out my contacts, tried eye drops but nothing seemed to help. And of course my primary doctor had to close his office early yesterday so I had to go the Clinic at University Hospital.

    After almost 3 hours of waiting (yeah, not so fun when you're ready to rip your eyeball out of its socket) I finall saw a doctor who informed me I had a scratch on my cornea. She gave me a prescription for erythromycin (this gel I have to put in my eye) and sent me on my way. Greg was so awesome last night, filled my prescription and ran some errands for me so I could stay home.

    I did two doses of the gel last night and it didn't seem to do anything except make my vision blurry but I figured maybe it would work overnight. Well I wake up this morning and I feel like I spent the night getting punched in the eye. I also noticed that I was *extremely* sensitive to light. Whenever I'd look at the tv or even my cell phone I'd have this sharp pain in my eye and again I would start tearing a lot.

    I decided this wasn't normal so again took a trip to the doctor...only this time I was seeing an actual opthamalogist (sp?). But he basically confirmed the same thing...the pains and sensations I was feeling was a result of the scratch and medication.

    So now, I'm back at work....half squinty eyed. Fun times. Tomorrow I see my OB to find out if we'll be inducing or not (you can check my blog for more info on that). I'm really concerned about going through this whole process when my eye is so jacked up, but hopefully she'll put me at ease.

    So that's what's going on now...my appointment is at 9am, so I'll let you know what happens.


  • Wow K!  I'll keep you and Greg in my thoughts and hope for the best!  I can see how you're scared and excited at the same time!
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  • Kandis, I hope you are feeling better today. Keep us posted!
  • BTW, we missed you at yoga, but we TOTALLY understand your situation!
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  • Kandis, I hope you guys are doing well!  Sending you healthy thoughts.  
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