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Mikey absolutely loved his homemade food last night!!!!!!!!!! My mom came over to help me out since it was the first time I was making his food from scratch. He kept moaning and smiling the entire time he was eating....now there is probably no way I can get him to eat the packaged baby food. I have to introduce those food jars somehow because I am going on a 1-week cruise in April and can't take my homemade food for an entire week without it spoiling Sad 

Thanks again!!!

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  • yay for mikey!!!!!!!! what did you make him?

    did you notice the difference in his digestion? mady spits up a lot less with homemade food rather than bottled food.

    don't take away the jarred foods if you don't want to. i usually use one bottled food a day (usually a fruit or a vege).

    today im making chicken soup with squash, peas, sweet potatoes, and plantains for mady...i cant wait until she tries it...and us....i usually make enough for even us to have dinner with.

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  • ps. the plantains are not like "mariquitas" lol...they're in the soup...i just realized it sounded like i was gonna give her a side of mariquitas.

    you know i was on the 6-12 mth board yesterday and some lady gave her son bites of her taco...she said he looked at her and was begging for a bite or two...so she did....the shocker? he's 7 mths old. i couldnt believe that. she even said that it was spicy for her but that he was loving it....ummmm not right dude...there's an age and time for everything

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