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Induction date scheduled

We had our weekly appointment this morning, and there was very little change from the last 2 weeks. My EDD is Monday, but I'm still only 70% effaced and barely dilated at all :( The doc started talking induction & sent us for an u/s to see how big the baby is to help decide on a date. The u/s tech estimated him at about 8 lbs already, and he was looking pretty darn cramped. So if he keeps being stubborn & doesn't decide to arrive on his own, I will check into the hospital the evening of December 25th and they will start the Pitocin early on the morning of the 26th.

We are excited to have a date, but I'm kind of bummed that he's not making any progress on his own. He seems content to spend as many days as possible kicking my kidneys and bladder!

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Re: Induction date scheduled

  • Yeah for a date!!! You must be making is so wonderful and warm in there, he doesn't want to leave! :)

  • Hopefully he decides to come on his own. I keep wishing my girls would speed it up and come on their own, but it isn't looking likely since Monday just keeps getting closer and closer. Isn't it nice to know though that the end is near? Keep us posted and good luck!
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  • Oooh, good luck. ?I remember being upset because I didn't want to be induced. ?But the induction was successful and it was kind of cool being able to tell all my family and friends when it was going to happen. ?Hope he decides to come on his own in the mean time. ?He still has time!
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