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Hi Bumpies,


We're excited to launch some new Community tools next week and wanted to give you a head's up before we make changes.


New! Bio Builder- No more looking around the web for bio builders.  We've built an easy-to-use Bio Builder with some great backgrounds and made it really simple to create a bio.  Already have a bio?  Your current HTML code will be in the "Advanced" tab, so you can either work with your existing bio or create a new one.


Profile Redesign- We?re moving the bios to the center of your profile--it's what you really want to see anyway.  Here's a mock-up of the new layout:


And last, but certainly not least..


We're launching Google search on our messageboards!  In case you haven't noticed, our current search just wasn't able to keep up with our volume of posts.  Now, we're adding Google search to our boards in an effort to bring you the most and best results.

More info to follow next week.



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Re: Coming Soon! Take a look...

  • Wow. I lurk on this board sometimes, and I just have to say... how RUDE and INSENSITIVE the Knot/Nest/Bump is to call women who are trying to adopt "Bumpies."  Some of these women probably have been pregnant or could get pregnant but are choosing to adopt.  But others are adopting b/c they cannot get pregnant.  How disgusting that you've put them on "the bump".  Just my opinion.
  • As an adoptive-mom-to-be, I don't mind being on thebump but I really don't like being called a "bumpie."  I've got baby bump envy as it is so the name "bumpie" really doesn't sit well with me.
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  • Bumpie sounds like a strange disease to me :)
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  • imagecrystalpopcorn:
    Bumpie sounds like a strange disease to me :)

    Hahaha-- exactly my thoughts.

  • I agree! They just lump us together with the fertile people and we just have to deal with it.  Some of us may never have a bump though. Sad  Although I'm thrilled to be adopting, I still wish I could have a bump.
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