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Poll: Due date/Birthday

When is your due date, scheduled dated, or your child's birthday?


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Re: Poll: Due date/Birthday

  • My girls are scheduled to come on Monday morning by c-section. I am hoping they come just a little before so I dont have to spend Christmas in the hospital.
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  • My due date was 12/18/07, but was admitted on 12/7/07 for induction and had DD at 4:04 pm on 12/8/07 via c-section. ?Good luck to you and I can't wait to see pictures of those babies. ?
  • Due date: 01/01/09
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  • Due date is 12/22/08. Also hoping he comes a little early or on time so we're not in the hospital on Christmas.
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  • My due date was 5/28 and P was born on 5/20, so there is hope!
  • Our original due date was August 15th but he was born on August 8th.
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  • I was due 5/21/07 and had him 5/30/07
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  • Was due on 12/28/06 and he was born on 12/30/06. (Just squeaking in for the tax deduction.)
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    TTC Baby #2 - BFP on 12/14/11 @ 10DPO - CP confirmed 12/18/11
    BFP #2 on 1/13/12
  • Due date is April Fool's Day! ?04/01/09 ?:)
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  • My baby girl is due April 17, 2009!!!!
  • Livvy was born May 18, 2008.....7 months ago today! :)

  • Ellie was due 8/14/07, but came six weeks early on 7/8/07. I was just telling my husband that our next baby will most likely be born in KC, since we are moving early 2009.

  • Our little girl is due April 19, 2009!

  • Our baby boy was due and was born on his due date, 3/11/08.

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