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Worcester moms-to-be?

Hi All -- New to the board, so Hi! I am soon-to-be a first time mommy, and I'm a little nervous. I won't have my first OB appt until 1/20, it's with Dr. Delgado at Med City - anyone know her?

I'm also wondering if there are any mommy-to-be meetups in the area at all? Or any classes or anything like that?

Re: Worcester moms-to-be?

  • Hey Breezer!

    It's Kristin329 from the Knot.  I am also expecting!  Congratulations!!!  Very exciting.

    This local bump board is not very active.  I have been on some of the other boards on the bump.  It's disappointing as I would love this local board to be similar to what we had on the knot.

    Congrats again!

  • I was surprised that this board was not that active as the knot. Maybe if we keep posting on here, other's will want to post??

    How far along are you ladies?

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  • I'm almost 5 weeks.  Due 8/22.  It seems we are all around the same.

    The 1rst Trimester board is where I am spending my time.  It's helpful to share stories and suggestions but it does not seem like the knot where you get to know people that much.  But everyone seems very nice and it's very active.  


  • Hey girls!

    I'm also a worcester Mom-to-be.  I've been posting on the 1 tri board but it's nice to see other locals here too.  

    Congrats to you all!

    Oh, and I'm either almost 6 week or almost 9.  I'll find out Tues at my first OB appt. :)

  • Hello!

    I'm a mom of a 5 month old & also #2 is on his/her way! When I was pregnant with Caden I saw Dr. Neary out of Memorial - love her! I never had any mom meetings but I did enjoy my prenatal yoga classes I took. It was a great chance to meet other moms to be and talk b/f and after class. It was available in my "new mom baggy" I got when first found out preg from Dr. Neary.

    Other than that this board was never busy - I wish it was though. I can be paged on 1st tri or 0-6 month boards or email: [email protected]

    Take care :)

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  • Hi Ladies!

    Glad to see there are some other Worcester girls on here.  I've posted a few times asking about anyone in the area and no response haha.   I'm due in a couple of weeks, and I was also wondering about some mom groups in the area. 

    We might have to start are own haha.

    Spring_07...I think i know you ;)

    My Boys <3


  • Hi ladies,

    I'm so happy that there are some other Worcester-area girls here!  I'm also new and a first time mommy - due in June.  My doc is also at Med City - Dr. Hallenbeck, and if Dr. Delgado is in the same practice, I've heard that all those docs are lovely. 

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