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Anyone near quakertown/grandview


Just wondering if anyone he goes to grandview medical practice obgyn or has delivered at grandview hospital.  Any rants/raves?


Re: Anyone near quakertown/grandview

  • My friend, sister, cousin and mom all delivered there and loved it.
  • I will be delivering at Grand View in August.  From what I hear it has been renovated in the past year, and is a great experience.  I am using Stoneridge OBGYN.  Good luck!
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  • I use that practice and delivered my DD there.  I loved all my docs, nurses and the hospital.  I was so happy with the care I received, espically since I used to work in a hospital and can get a little picky. 
  • I am a hairstylist and I have worked on half the women in the labor and delivery floor there.  They are all wonderful people.  I wish I lived close enough I would deliver there.   I live in the lehigh valley.
  • Great!  Thanks for all the responses.  I have only been there a few times and have yet to meet all but 1 Dr..  I have also went to and Grandview hospital seems to be the only hospital in the area to get 5 stars for their maternity care.

    HTH anyone else in this area or considering grandview!

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