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Circumcision Question


 I know that this is a controversial topic.  Those of you who have boys or are expecting boys, have you or will you cicumcise?  I have a friend who is very against it and is telling me all kinds of crazy statistics.  When I looked into it myself I find her statistics wrong.  I am just wondering what the general population has done or will do. 

Thanks so much!

Re: Circumcision Question

  • I feel very strongly about circumcision. DH and I decided not to do it when DS arrrives. DH was circumcised and really wishes that he wasn't. Unless there are religious reasons, IMO, there is no reason to circumcise your child. Nature makes us that way for a reason. I feel it is the same as female circumcision and is quite a barbaric, outdated practice. My father was not circumcised and has told me that he is so very glad that it wasn't done.

    Either way, it isn't life or death and you'll make the choice that you and DH are comfortable with.

  • My husband and I are circumsizing our son - there was really no discussion any other way.  I know this is a highly controversial topic, but definitely not in my house!

  • If the choice had been mine alone, I would have not done it. But MH wanted it done, so DS is. My OB said its about 50/50 now.
  • My son wasn't. I couldn't do....he didn't do anything to deserve it. lol Looks painful. My OB also said it's about 50/50 now.
  • He will absolutely be circumsized. We wouldn't consider NOT doing it.
  • Our son in circum and the next one (if a boy) will be again.


  • If I have a boy I will let DH make that decision.  I believe he will decide yes but I think he has more experience with it therefore I trust himt o make the decision.
  • My husband is not circumsized because it is not custom in his country of origin, but he absolutely wanted our son to be.  I was fine either way.  We had our son circumsized.  It is really a mix these days whether boys are or not.  It is up to you and your husband.

  • There was never a question in my mind or DH's mind to NOT get our son circumsized. I felt that later in life when my son gets older he may have trouble keeping it clean and it could also lead to infections which I did not want for him. I think it is a very personal choice.
  • My son is and I have twin boys on the way and they are going to be cicumcised also. I think its just a personal choice theres no wrong or right answer to the question. Do what you think is right for your child and dont listen to what other people think
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