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Mother's Helper Rates

Hi Ladies,

I'll be looking for a mother's helper when I return to working from home in June after DS arrives. I have heard a lot of different things in terms of rates for mother's helpers...just someone to help me with DS while I work from home. Does anyone know what a reasonable rate is? I'm in Palmer, MA.

Re: Mother's Helper Rates

  • I think it varies on who you hire, not really if you are there or not. A mothers helper to me, is someone who you can't really leave alone with the baby but is more a second set of hands - I think of an 11 year old in this category and would pay her $7, a babysitter who comes for a few hours at a time and is in high school, I would pay $10 and a nanny who provides regular care and chooses to do this work for her career, I would pay between $15 & $20 an hour.

    I would caution you about the amount of work, you think you can get done with a baby - with my son, I can't do anything. If he sees me, he wants me to be playing with me.

    And, I'm located in central MA, if that's any help!

  • i pay someone 10/hour to come here while i work from home. i'm on the south shore.
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