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what # on the stove dial is simmer?

I have a lo, hi, and 2-8.  What should I simmer on? lo or #2?  Last time I simmered on 4or 5 and it was not good.

Can you tell i"m not the primary meal preparer?

Re: what # on the stove dial is simmer?

  •  The lowest setting...so low.
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  • It depends on your particular stove and what you're making- but you want to turn it down to the point that it is just below boiling. If it's still bubbling/boiling, turn it down a little more. Generally, once something is boiling I can turn mine down somewhere in between lo and 2 to maintain it at a simmer level.

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  • I would start with 2 and see how it does, you can always turn it up some.
  • Interesting. On my stove a 2 would be to hot if the item was already up to temp. But I do think our range runs a bit hot, so that would make sense.
  • With a simmer the bubbles will pop before they hit the surface.  I would do what cleo said by adjusting heat until it looks right.
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