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Prenatal Vitamins, a Must - or - Maybe

I try and take them as often as possible, but the make me sick.  Is it really that bad if you dont take them?

Re: Prenatal Vitamins, a Must - or - Maybe

  • Have you tried taking them at a different time of day, maybe at night?! 
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  • I would ask your doctor. Maybe you can try a different brand name? My friend got sick from her prenatal vitamins and tried a different brand and they were fine.

    Take care.

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  • Check with your doctor, if you can't keep anything down sometimes they will recommend at least a children's chewable or a prescription brand. They were a must for me because I don't have the best nutrition and between being pregnant and nursing I'm sure my bones really took a hit during pregnancy.
  • Check with your doctor. I have heard a few friends commenting on the same thing. I know at least one that found a different brand that seemed to work.


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  • They make a lot of women sick.  Try taking them before you go to bed at night and also try to eat something with them. 
  • My doctor told me I could take 2 Flintstones chewables instead. 
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