Frustration #1

I say #1 because I'm sure this will be the first of many along the road!!!  We just mailed in our homestudy application last Thursday.  I just got a call today from someone at the agency letting me know that we missed two pieces of paperwork, one of which means another appointment at the fingerprinting place!  I know its not a big deal, but I kept thinking that a checklist of some sort would have really helped as I was putting the packet together.....especially when some items look exactly like other items......

Oh well, its just a minor frustration, but I was just excited to have completed that first step.  or not.  =)

Re: Frustration #1

  • Our agency is really organized about that sort of thing.  We got an awesome checklist and it really helped!  Hopefully this is the only minor snag you have to deal with.
  • good for you for completing your first step!  i hope this is your only frustration and that you have a smooth adoption!!!! :):)
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  • Thanks ladies - I think today was just an overall frustrating day on so many levels, but we're set to get the second set of fingerprints and get everything mailed off by the end of the week.  I'm sure that tomorrow will be a better day all around!!
  • Congrats on sending it in....98% in Wink  Stick out tongue


  • You are doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope that today was a less stressful day for you!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hang in there and remember we are all there with and for you.
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