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chuck pads v puppy pads

One of the nurses from our hosipatl keeps talking about chuck pads...My sister said they are just a fancy version of puppy training pads.

My sister used the puppy pads on her bed incase her water broke, on the seat where she watched TV and on the seat in her car...just in case (she didn't need them.

Anyway, have you heard or used either of these things?

Re: chuck pads v puppy pads

  • they are called chux pads lol.. but yeah i think they are the same thing..?
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  • I've heard to use either/or (they both do the same). Especially if you have leather carseats... definitely will need them if your water breaks and you need them for the ride to the hospital. I've heard the seats are never quite the same if you get the amniotic fluid on them... same with your mattress.

    I bought a waterproof pad for our mattress, since I figured baby might have an accident or two himself on there, so it couldn't hurt. I want to get the puppy pads (easier for me to find than the chuck pads) for the car, but have been putting it off. Worst case scenario, I plan to grab a bunch of towels and a garbage bag to sit on... hope it works!

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  • Actuall Chux and Puppy pads are the same thing, nothing fancy about em...
  • I actually think the opposite! I think the puppy pads were developed after chux pads. Chux pads have been around for a long time, they use them in nursing homes all the time and I order them by the case for my clients (they're all elderly). If you really wanted, you can get a washable chux pad, then you don't feel like you're sleeping on something "crinkly" all night.
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