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The results are in....

TEAM PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)


So we have a little Samantha in our future...either Samantha Jane or Samantha Ainslie! 


Sorry for taking so long...we went to my parents for dinner after the appointment and then shopping!!! :)~

Re: The results are in....

  • Yeah for Team Pink!!!!  Did you enjoy shopping for the pink stuff?  I am so happy for you guys and can't wait for Mattie and Samantha to get to meet!!!!
  • Congrats! Isn't it an amazing feeling knowing just a little bit more about the bean growing inside of you?
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  • Congrats!! How exciting!!!
    **Baby #3 is on the way!**
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  • Congratulations, Jen! That is so exciting!!
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  • Oh, how sweet!  A little girl!  So much cute stuff to buy for little girls.  Go Team Pink!
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  • Cute names!!

    I seriously am the worse guesser in the world. I was guessing boy for you. I really honestly think my child is the only one I've ever been right about!


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