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Hello ladies!  I've been lurking a lot for the past couple of months since DH and I haven't started the actual adoption process yet.  When the time comes, we will be doing the fost/adopt program through our state.  We had originally planned on starting the process in Aug. after I was done with grad school, but I found out today that our plans may change.  Two classes that I was planning on taking this summer have been taken off the schedule and won't be offered until Fall '09 (when we were planning on starting the process).  My question to you ladies is, has anyone started the adoption process while they were still in school?  If so, was it hard/stressful?  I should also add that I'm a teacher, so I work full-time.  I suppose we could wait an additional six months to start the process, but we were really looking forward to starting in the fall.  Thanks!  

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  • We have started the process and I am a full-time student, I plan to speak with my professors at the beginning of the semester to inform them that we are adopting.

    If we stay on target, as early as the end of February we could be active for matching. In our program the average match time is 1 day to 9 months, so my professors will be made aware that we could get the call in the middle of the semester.

    What happens if we end up getting the call and a baby is to be delivered right away or has been delivered will depend on the class. I have a few professors that I know ahead of time are supportive and will work with me so that I do not have to take a medical leave from the class.

    For semesters following arrival of baby, I will reduce my class load for the first few semesters and we will have a nanny or the baby will go to work with my husband (his work has onsite childcare and school up through K). 

     I think you just have to play it by ear and see how the process works for your state and you have to realistic with what stress load you can handle.

     Good luck!

  • Well, on the other hand, adoption isn't the speediest process.  You can take as long as you need with the home study.  I'm a teacher, too, and we did our home study this summer.  It was a good amount of work, but I didn't find it overwhelming.  Just a lot of forms . . . done a little at a time. 

    Being a grad student does constrict your time.  My husband is getting his MBA.  But as it turns out, we'll probably be matched about the time he's done.  We decided not to put our family on hold just because it wasn't the perfect time.  Just have faith that it will all work out.  I know I'm not answering your question.  If I were you, I'd probably go for it and get the ball rolling  ;-)  Good luck.
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  • Yup, we started the process when I was in undergrad, and we took placement at the end of my 1st semester of grad school. 

    The process is always going to be stressful.  It had it's challenges, but it's what we wanted, so it was worth it. It's been a little more stressful while completing school, but I will be finished with school

    If you really want to start in the fall, start in the fall. It may take you a little longer to complete everything, but it's still worth it if it's what you want.  Matches and placements don't always happen immediately, so there is no telling when you'd actually take placement of a baby. 

    Whatever you decide, good luck! 

  • I just wanted to wish you luck.  We are also doing fost/adopt through our state.

    The only thing I can really add is that when you go through the state, in most states you have to go to a required class.  In NJ the class is called PRIDE and it is about 24-27 hours of class.

    Our county does the class 2X a week - each class is 3 hours.  The class was a night, thank goodness.

    So, this might possibly be a conflict of schedule with your other classes.

    Like others said, the homestudy process can take a while.  And a lot of the time delay can actually be on your end - like you take a long time to complete paperwork.  But, also know that with fost/adopt - in most cases, the homestudy (paperwork, classes, documentation, home inspection, etc) must be done in a specific time frame (something like 90-120 days), so you would not be able to lollygag too much.

    Good luck no mater when you decide to start the process

  • Thanks, ladies!  DH and I had a talk last night, and decided that we're going to continue with our original plan.  I'm just going to have to manage my time wisely. 

    We already contacted our agency for info., and they sent us a huge packet with everything that we need.  We also have to take the PRIDE classes, and I think we're going to take the ones offered in Aug. The classes are scheduled for Tues. and Thurs. from 6:00-9:30pm.  I'm glad to hear that someone else is doing fost/adopt.  I can guarantee you that I'll have LOTS of questions for you!  

  • Hi there!

    We are doing something very similar to foster/adopt.  We're doing straight adoption through our state's child services program.  So it's very similar, but we're choosing not foster (although we have to get foster licensed and all that fun stuff).

    Anyways, I work full-time (and it's been more like 50-60 hours a week), I'm in grad school part-time, and we just started the adoption process.  I won't be done with school for two years (just started) and we didn't want to wait that long to adopt. Plus, we wanted to start the process now since it takes so long.  However, even if we get placed really fast, I don't plan on quitting school.

    It is a lot to juggle right now, especially since we have to start going to the foster/adoption training soon, but most of the process is waiting so I'm glad I'll have something else going on to take my mind off of that.

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