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NEMC births??

Has anyone had their child(ren) at NEMC.... or Tufts NEMC to be correct?   Do you know anyone who has birthed at Tufts NEMC?     If so.... know anything about the high risk doctors in there?   Any pros/cons to experience?     My OB is based outta NEMC and the practice all delivers at NEMC.   I have a rare condition that I see a specialist in at NEMC also for.... so I was reccommended to birth at NEMC and go with this particular group.  The group is high-risk specialists and is familiar with my medical condtion.  I am just curious to see if anyone has had experiences there.    Anything from private rooms/non? Were residents or Med students present during labor and delivery, as it is such a highly focused teaching hospital?   Child birth classes....  any info.  thanks ladies :)

Re: NEMC births??

  • I can't help out too much, but a friend of mine had her son there. He was born with the intestines on the outside, and I know that he is GREAT now! The room was nice too. A little small, but it's not the Ritz!

     Good luck!

  • Hey there - I actually work there so yes, I'm biased (BTW - It's Tufts Medical Center now, not Tufts-NEMC) but I think our maternity is great and I'm having my baby here and feel completely comfortable. And trust me, I would not have my baby here just to be a good employee! Our NICU is second to none if you are high-risk. Our MFM docs (maternal fetal medicine) are very good, which is what I would guess you're seeing. I once met an MGH nurse who had just given birth here, if that tells you anything. I also love my OB - who do you have? I have Hong Thao Thieu, I think she's awesome.
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