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Car seats not fitting in cars....

DH and I went and tried having our car seats installed in his Subaru Forrester and they were a tight squeeze and we would be squished in the front seat. Today we tried having them installed in my car a Chevy Cavalier and I can sit just fine in the car with them there, but again dh is squished. Has anyone else had trouble with car seats and their cars? Buying a new car is just not in the budget right now, maybe in spring we will be able to swing it. This is just another stressful thing we could do without right now.
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Re: Car seats not fitting in cars....

  • When Brett did his car seat installer class at work (they have to have so many on shift) the Britax models would not fit effectively in his car. He said we would have to look at some other model b/c he wasn't going to fight the car seat all the time!

    Most stores will let you try one out in your car to make sure it is a good fit so that is what we plan to do. 

    I'm sorry this happened to you, but you aren't alone!!! I don't really have any suggestions since you already have the car seats!

  • Sorry you're having to deal with this! And with 2 car seats, you don't really have the option of changing the positions around too much. Could you call the store you got them from and see if you can exchange them for another model?

    We haven't tried our Graco SafeSeat in my Civic yet, but in DH's Galant, it was a little squished behind the driver's seat, so we will probably try it behind the passenger seat so he's not uncomfortable all the time. I am hoping it will be okay in my car. We had looked on before we bought, but it didn't have information about how the seat would fit into my 10-yr-old car. It might be helpful to others, though!

    How have you been feeling?

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  • We were told by the person installing them at the police dept that if our Chicco's didn't fit well most others wouldn't either because they are some of the more compact seats. I will be fine driving my car with the seats in them, but with the c-section I was told I will not be able to drive for two weeks so that just leaves dh squished in there. We will have to make it work for now and we are hoping that in spring once I get back to work and with our tax return money we will be able to buy a new car.

    I am so ready for these girls to make their appearance. I am so over being pregnant. I have a growth scan next week, but at my dr appt on Wednesday my dr was telling me she is guessing they are both over 6 lbs now. That is A LOT of baby to be carrying around! Just over two weeks and I have my c-section, but I am really hoping they come before then. 

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