when to start the process?

This may be a dumb question, but how did you know when it was the right time to start the process? ?We are excited about the prospect of adopting our next child, but I really do not know when to start researching / homestudy / etc. ?

DS will be a year old in January. ?I would be pregnant again now if I could be, so I am mentally ready for a child. ?I know that adoption is a lengthy and expensive process. ?Would I be insane for starting the process when my baby is so young? Do you have to have a large amount of money saved before you start?

I guess I am just looking for any insight into how you "knew" when it was the right time.


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Re: when to start the process?

  • My approach was to start reading and researching the process as soon as we decided we were ready for a child (we didn't try to conceive first).

    Learning about the process made it easy for us to decide when to begin researching agencies and apply.  For us, the answer was "as soon as possible," because we were ready for a child, and we realized the process takes a long time.  For every family, the answer is different, but I think the more you know about what's involved, the more prepared you will be for what's in store, and the more clear the right choice for your family will become.

    Good luck!

  • Research, research, research. When we first started talking about it we were going to wait until late spring/early summer 09. I started researching and now we are going to apply after the first of the year. Researching got us really excited and motivated. Get the book "Idiots guide to adoption". It is a great book.
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  • We really started the process once we knew that we didn't want to persue IF treatments anymore.  We had already talked about adoption for as long as we had talked about children so it was a pretty easy switch. 

    We had some money saved and we've been ramping up our saving ever since to try and have as much put away as possible. 

    Good luck!

  • Research is key.

    Once you determine what "your" path will be.....type of adoption, agency,'ll be able to compare it to your current life (i.e. do you need to take time to save money?  Are there issues at home to resolve for the home study?  etc.)

    Good luck...and stick around here.  You'll learn a lot and get to follow some inspiring stories!

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  • Thanks everyone. ?There are so many things going through my head when trying to figure it out. ?I want DC number 2 to be younger than DS, but I know it takes a long time to go through the process. ?Money will also be a consideration, since we are refinancing our house next summer in a depressed economy. ?Part of me is ready to jump in, and the other part of me says we should wait. ?I should just take your suggestions and start researching options. ?Thanks for the advice.
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  • I was ready before DH. I just wanted to be a mom, and adoption was the right decision for me.
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