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Just wondering how the transition back to work went. Hopefully everything went smoothly and Carter is adjusting well to daycare!

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  • Hey..I was wondering the same thing a bit ago...and logged on to post that question! ?:o)....Hope everything went well
  • It is going ok. I work 11-8 so I drop him off at 10:15-10:30. He is really happy and does really well. There are only three babies in his room right now so he gets a lot of attention.


    My mom picks him up in the evenings the days my husband is traveling for work. He loves going to her house and he plays until about 7:30, then he is pretty much over it. I get to my moms around 8:15 and he lights up and immediately stops crying. It makes me so happy that he does well but still really wants his mommy.

    The cameras really help with easing my concerns.

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    Glad he is doing OK. ?I know it must be hard....I am sure he'll get adjusted to the schedule...but you know he'll always light up when he sees mom! :o)

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