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tree lighting & rockettes questions

this is probably like the equivalent of mardi gras for people from new orleans, but, anyone go?  What time should we get there if we go?  We're bringing two little ones, so I'm not sure if we'll go through with it.  We moved here in June and are still very much so tourists in our own "home". Big Smile  A friend came to town on business and new more about the city than I did. lol. so bad!  Hard to explore when you have two little ones and your schedule alternates with dh's.  oh well. 


also, my ILs are coming up for Christmas and my MIL keeps mentioning the Rockette's Christmas Spectacular. She wants to bring me and dd (who will be 3  next month). I'm thinking it may be best to wait a year... but ... how long is the show and do you think a 3 y/o would sit through it?  

Re: tree lighting & rockettes questions

  • I honestly would not recommend going to the tree lighting. I tried when I was a student in college and didn't get anywhere near the tree b/c it was so crowded. Its worse when you're short too so kids in particular would have a hard time. I would recommend waiting a week or two to see the tree when its not so crazy. Its still fun and you get to actually see and enjoy it.

    ?I've never seen the Rockette's Christmas show but think that would be really fun for kids and adults. In fact, I'm trying to get my husband to take me this year. Been living in NY forever and never been, how sad. Anyway, hope this helps and enjoy the holidays!?

  • I agree with PP, took my nephew and niece to see the lighting one year.  We were blocks away and the crowds were still crazy.  We could only see a small glimpse of the tree and only if we stretched our necks way out.  It was also a cold night and in the end we missed the lighting, it was so quick.  If you would like to go, plan to get there early, way early (a few hours at least).... which is tough to do with little ones cuz there are few places with restrooms and they usually get bored waiting.  The Christmas spectacular show is nice, my mom used to take us every year but not sure if a 3year old would sit through it. I believe it was about 2hours long.  Hope this helps and welcome to the BIG APPLE! 
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  • Thanks!  But we didn't make it to the tree lighting for other reasons anyway. ;) 


    Still debating on the Rockette's ... If I were paying, I'd definitely say no ... but we'll see with MIL wants to do???

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