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May I crash your party for now? Having a super bad night.

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  • Hi Kelli!

    You can come here whenever you want, you are more than welcome!

    I'm sorry you're having a bad night  ((Hugs))

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  • What's the matter?  Tell us and we will make you feel better!
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  • Thank you. I'm trying to gear myself up to leave for my SILs wedding this week (we leave Tuesday.) My ILs and BIL, SIL are completely clueless about our loss. So I have made myself sick tonight missing Erickson and wondering about all the dumb things my MIL is going to say.
  • For example, they haven't talked about it or acknowledged our son since the first week after I got out of the hospital. Now she is on a huge kick for us to try again while we are in the Caymans for the wedding (staying under the same roof as them.) She doesn't get why we want to wait.
  • Awww...I am so sorry. I really hope they don't make this even harder for you. Just remember you always have us!!!
  • Oh gosh, that must be so hard to not have the support you need from your family. I'm sorry. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that the trip goes as well as it can. Hugs to you.
  • Ugh, that is hard, espcially thinking about it and being nervous about it. It must make you not excited to go on this trip (even though it sounds like a great get-away). Is your loss of your son something you can discuss with them? Or even an issue DH could bring up to clear the air with his parents prior to the trip? It just seems crazy that they would let you suffer in silence about them. I realize some people don't know what to say so they say nothing, but that hurts so much more. And the ttc comments just seem like ignorance. I'm so sorry.... keep us posted and we're all sending you lots of hugs and lots of strength. xoxoxo
  • I think you need to sneak a computer with you or borrow a crackberry to vent to us to help keep you sane.  I am sorry they are being like that.  That sucks when people don't know what to do and end up doing the worst thing that they can and don't even know it.
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  • Unfortunately my MIL doesn't deal well with grief and loss. It's one of those "well if I pretend it didn't happen then it didn't." kind of things I think. Dh has tried to have conversations and she ignores it. Plus she went off on him after we lost the baby and a bunch of other stuff happened. She didn't talk to him for weeks. So we are waiting to hear about that as well. That's a good idea Jeffrae, we are bringing the laptop and there will be internet access there. I'm thinking I might need to talk to you guys to stay sane. It's just a lot of crap and I'm just thinking DH and I need to visit the rum factory there several times. Smile
  • Rum factory and laptop sound like an excellent plan!
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