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Only 3 More!!!

The countdown is on!!!
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Re: Only 3 More!!!

  • Yay for being almost done! I would have just got one of the photo ones w/ printed message. That way all you have to do is sign it! I'm lazy though!
  • Wow, I think next year you should just do an xmas letter on the computer. Handwriting 86 cards is a lot of work!
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  • Good for you! Would you like to do mine next?
  • here, have one of these BeerDrinks

    you deserve it!

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  • Good for you!  I've decided to blow them off this year.  Too lazy!
    4/08 BFP resulted in m/c
    8/08 BFP resulted in m/c
    3/09 Polyp removed and dx MTHFR (both copies)
    6 Clomid cycles, all BFN
    5/09 IUI#1 with Clomid=BFN
    6/09 IUI#2 with Clomid=BFN
    8/09 IUI#3 with Clomid=BFN
    IVF#1 = BFN
    IVF#2 = BFN
    IVF#3 ET 2 Grade A blasts 11/16/11
    Beta #1: 485
    Beta #2: 2,495
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  • Personal cards? You are waaaaay more dedicated than I am!

    Big Smile

    Mine went in the mail friday (I make DH address his own- I'm mean that way!) but all I did was format a picture and send it to Costco for printing and order 4x6 envelopes online... 75 pictures plus envelopes cost me a whopping total of $16 not counting postage...


  • that is a good deal, perhaps next year.  With a pic of our new baby ::fingers crossed::

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