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Sleep question

The only way DS or I get any sleep is if we co-sleep on the couch or he sleeps on me.  The very minute I put him down in his bassinet at night, he wakes up.  Usually it's the same thing if I try and put him in the swing or bouncy as well.  Although during the day he will usually nap in any of those places.  I would really like to get him to sleep in his bassinet so that I can actually sleep in the bed.  Any ideas for getting him to stay asleep in there? 
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Re: Sleep question

  • Do you swaddle him? That helped us. We also use a white noise machine.

    on another note, I noticed his birthday was 10-27. I will not get in to detail, but that day has a few tragic memories associated with it for me, so now I can imagine a joyous occasion on that day as well! 

  • first off:  don't cosleep on the couch!!  it's a very easy way for him to fall off (trust me, i learned the hard way).  try swaddling him or soothing him while he's still in his bassinet.  tricks that have worked for me are:  rubbing his belly, making sure he has his paci, once his eyelids are droopy, stroking his nose & eyebrows to encourage his eyelids to stay closed.
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  • Another one... keep your hand on his chest for a few minutes after you lay him down. 
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  • We did the pick up/put down thing when we moved DS to his crib. When he cried we'd pick him up and soothe him but only until calm, not asleep, then put him back down and repeat over and over until he finally fell asleep. The first two nights were rough, but now he sleeps great all night except for waking for feedings.
  • I am SO glad you posted this just now.  I needed the advice too!  DS was sleeping in his crib for 3 weeks until the last 2 nights and it has been AWFUL.  He, too, will only sleep on my chest or in my arms on the couch and I don't sleep well, but am so exhausted that I woke up at one point last night and my arms were still around him, but his head was rolled all the way off of me and I totally freaked out.  I didn't fight it because I was trying to let DH sleep.  Tonight I am in it for the long haul.  I even (gasp) let him cry for about 10 minutes.  I haven't slept in 2 nights, have fibromyalgia and TMJ and everything hurts when I don't sleep, and I was running out of ideas.  I just kept plugging away with getting him to calm down and then putting him back in there.  He is finally in the crib and not crying, but I am afraid the minute I lay down in my bed, he will freak out...

    Good luck!

    O 10.08 & MJ 6.10
  • I had the same problem. Our 4-month old is still sleeping with us. We slept together on the sofa the first 2-months he was home, now him, my DH, and I sleep together in bed. I think it was the body heat he really wanted though. To get him to sleep in his swing, I put one of his blankets in the dryer for a bit to warm it up, then wrapped him tight in it (some blankets held heat better than others, usually the synthetic ones) and put him in his swing. He'll sleep in there now if he's in the right mood, but still won't sleep in his bed or bassinet. GL.
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