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Babies: 9 - 12 Months

***POTW Entry Thread***

ALL mommies invited to participate! It's just for fun! Let's see those adorable pics you have been collecting! You know you have thousands of them!

Today's topic: Baby's first Thanksgiving (yes Canadians you can enter too even though your Thanksgiving was a while ago!!!!)

Rules: One picture per baby.  Pro pictures are okay but please credit the photographer.  Please do not enter previously entered pictures.  New rule/clarification of old rule b/c of confusion and complaints!!!  Baby must be older than 6 mos at the time of entry.   Newer pictures are always encouraged!  My rule of thumb is to use pictures 3 mos or newer (so if your baby is 7 mos, a picture of baby at 4-7 is good).  The main reason I do this is we are starting to repeat topics a bit and it keeps it fresh.  (If this doesn't make sense e-mail me at [email protected]).  No excessive staging just for this thing please (or I will get complaints).

All rule breakers are subject to a private message... and if they ignore it I just won't count thier votes.

Please make sure they are appropriate and non offensive. 

How to insert a picture:

It is now really easy to enter a picture.  When responding to this post you will go to a new window.  In that window there is a picture of a tree (next to the smiley face).  Click the tree picture and fill out the form.

Or you can simply cut and paste the picture from another website (like shutterfly, your bio, or blogspot etc) on to the screen and resize manually.

If you are old fashion you can still do PIP how you used too.

Mom to Harmon 1/17/08 and twins Rachel & Callum 8/28/09 Photobucket 29o0v13.jpg

Re: ***POTW Entry Thread***

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    Mom...seriously...the outfit was pushing it...but the headband?!?


  • Bring on the turkey!!!

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  • Mmmmmmmm...turkey!!!


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    Wearing the cool whip container is waaaay better than eating pureed Thanksgiving food!

  • Devin sat up all by himself for the first time on Thanksgiving!


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  • DH is in the Air Force and has been gone since the end of September. This pic is the night before Thanksgiving when he got back. He was here for 2 days and is gone again for 1 more month.


  • Mom I look like a nerd in the Turkey get up!

     (WOW so many cute pics already!)

    Mom to Harmon 1/17/08 and twins Rachel & Callum 8/28/09 Photobucket 29o0v13.jpg
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    Charlotte loves her big sister, and was a big help making Thanksgiving dinner! (Charlotte's entry)


    Alice is not amused by Mommy's stuffing... why the heck do you people insist on sticking this crap in my mouth?! (Alice's entry)


  • Nate fed himself for the first time - sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. Ten minutes later he broke out in hives because there were Pecans in the sweet potato topping and I didn't know :o


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    Gimme more Turkey!!!!

  •  Carter was unimpressed by the potatoes...and excuse the paper crown, it's a family tradition : )


  • baby birds! they were in a pack n play next to me while i ate. they'd stand there with their mouths open, waiting for me to drop some food in. (or some passerby to.)


    and this is our last POTW on this board! the boys will be one on thursday. sniff, sniff!

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  • "Ok Fine.. I am hiding under this napkin until I get some turkey!"

  • Apparently DD's cousin (4-days older than DD) didn't get enough to eat...

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  • Where's the cranberry?!


  • These mashed potatoes are squishy, Mommy! And delicious!


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    Trying the sweet potatoes. She hated them...as well as all the other Thanksgiving food I tried to give her. Maybe next year....


  • what happens after eating too much turkey.


  • Grandpa was helping her "fly" and she loved it!



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    Thanksgiving dinner wore her out!

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  • He sat there with his mouth gaping open like this the entire time, just waiting for turkey, ham and roast beef to appear. For some reason, Adam preferred to celebrate a meat-only Thanksgiving.


  • Save the Turkeys!! Eat more leaves!!!


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    All dressed up! 

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    Please Mama, one more bite and I could upchuck it ALL!

  • I HATE TURKEY!!!  Please don't make me eat anymore!

    I HATE TURKEY MOM!!! Please don't make me eat another bite!

    This was London's first time eating meat and needless to say, she didn't like it!

  • He obviously loved tasting all of the different Thanksgiving foods!


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     Mmmmm... Sweet Potato Puffs Smile


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  • He fed himself leftover butternut sqaush...this was the end result!


  • "A freakin' turkey hat?  Are you serious?"



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    Are you going to give me some more pie or what??

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