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Fuzzi Buns vs. ????

I am preganant for the first time and excited about going "green" with our baby and nursery.  I don't know anyone who has used anything other than disposable diapers and would love some feedback.  I have researched reusable diapers and think I want to go with Fuzzi Buns.  Any input from anyone who is using these?  Or any other brand you particularly enjoy?

Re: Fuzzi Buns vs. ????

  • I like them. I also like knickernappies disposanot, but I think I may actually like FBs better...they seem to hold up better over time. I really love fitteds, but they're a 2-step process. Most people like pockets or all-in-ones the best. Prefolds are a good choice for saving money, especially for the newborn stage.
  • I have used the same 6 fuzzibunz for 2 1/2 yrs (for 2 babies).  they didn't fit dd well initially (she was so stinking small and the older version didn't close around her thighs well, the newer version is better from what I understand, the snap closure is slightly different).  but the mediums worked really well for her.

    other options.. I really like preston's pants pockets just as much as fuzzi bunz... I really like her fleece pockets too. and green acre designs are a fav as well.

    all in ones... eli monster & bg are my favs, urban fluff are okay (just okay, not great) and thirsties are nice, but the velcro didn't hold up well, the thirsties have a nice pocket though for added protection when going out. 

    fitteds... crickett's and ariana's closet (for older babies)...for newborns, muttaquins are awesome. (and prefolds with a wool cover are awesome too)  I like little beetles too, but get the snaps, not the velcro if you decide to try them.  they were the first dipe that my ds went out in public in.

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